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Consisting of a floating layer, a scum layer, and a sludge layer, trouble start occur when either the floating layer or the sludge layer drain into the leach field. This could be due to a wide number of reasons and requires regular maintenance and service checks to avoid.

Septic tank installation

The importance of maintenance

Whether it’s in a business setting or a residential one, by viewing your septic system

as an appliance, it’s easy to understand the importance of regular maintenance to ensure proper functionality and prevent breakdowns.


Get your septic system on a service and maintenance schedule with just one call.

Septic tank

• Septic tank and distribution box waste removal

• Line jetting and snaking of inlet, outlet, and drain

field lines

• Pump chamber waste removal

• Product installation and repairs

• Minor repairs to lines, septic tank, distribution box,

and pump chamber

Where does the system break down?

Residential and commercial services:

Septic tank head

The Degler Waste Services difference:

• Providing service to all customers

• 24/7 availability

• Unparalleled customer service

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